Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a freeware that can find and fix registry errors, thus making your laptop or computer faster and more stable.

The Windows registry is files that contain information/records of all files that have been accessed by the Windows operating system and the applications installed in it, both in the form of files from drivers installed in the operating system, programs, data files. , even temporary files, recorded in the windows registry. Programs or data that have been deleted will not “disappear” completely from the windows record, at least leaving “holes” in it which we usually call fragmentation.

When deleting the application, not all configurations are completely deleted and will leave residue in the registry. Vice versa when we install a new application. That’s what causes a lot of garbage keys in the registry. If left alone, of course, it will slow down the performance and stability of Windows.

Windows will read all records about files stored in its registry, whether in the form of files that are still there, or files that have been lost or deleted. And, these “junk” records will not disappear if they are not cleaned up.

Errors in the registry are unavoidable. For experienced users, deleting keys in the registry can be done manually, but for beginners, of course, there will be a very high risk of deleting it incorrectly which could result in causing the system to crash or crash and be forced to re-install the operating system.

You can imagine how “in vain” Windows works if it has to re-read records that are no longer valid. The large number of junk records will make the size of the registry file more “fat”, which will also affect the swelling of RAM usage. As well as the time needed to read all of these notes will increase from the actual reading time. And of course this will result in a decrease in the performance of windows itself.
Auslogics Registry Cleaner will clean, repair and optimize your Windows registry.
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Freeware License
Developers Auslogics LLC
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
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