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Among Us MCPE Map Highlights

Recently, one multiplayer game called Among Us got extremely popular worldwide. Thus there are so many related creations all across the Web.

With its quite significant fan base, Minecraft PE joined the hype as well, and you can now install whatever you want.

These locations most likely occur in a spaceship, but sometimes we can expect other variations in more familiar places for the MCPE fan.

Among Us: The Skeld, Mira HQ & Polus

This Minecraft PE is an actual miracle since it features so much in one little addition. It turns out KGMinecrafting, the map’s designer, managed to add loads of content in here.

First of all, you spawn at Cargo Ship, which is some kind of a lobby where you choose your match location.
The author recommends reading the instruction book before you start. Afterward, pick up the perfect suit for you.

Obviously, all ten colors are featuring here.

This MCPE location is relatively large, so you can easily play with a dozen friends. Furthermore, there are vents you can travel through.

Among Us 1.1

Another Minecraft PE map consists of a smaller but still exciting and a bit maze-like interior. Nevertheless, developers were working hard on bringing the most authentic gameplay possible.

A plethora of highly-detailed entities, blocks, and even structures make this place so magnificent.

For instance, there’s weaponry, clinic, reactor, lower engine, storage with boxes, and even working cameras.

Totally, this MCPE map is perfect for playing hide-and-seek and fighting in PVP combats. The cafeteria will fit gorgeously for the latter.

This place also features all possible skins and gives users an unforgettable experience.

Among Us: The Skeld, Mira HQ & Polus0.14.0 – 1.19.30Download
Among Us – 1.19.30Download
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