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BitComet is a BitTorrent HTTP and FTP client specifically used for downloading and sharing files online on the internet.

BitComet is a software or application that supports the BitTorrent protocol, HTTP and FTP clients. Internet today is like a new world that is so vast and almost infinite. Here you can find almost anything you want. You internet users must have or at least occasionally made the process of downloading or downloading countless files on the internet.

In the process of searching for the file, you may have or even often found a downloaded file, but the file is in the form of a torrent file. To download the file, you need a torrent client software so that you can connect to a peer to peer network and can download the file and BitComet is one of the software that can help you download the torrent file.

BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download management software which is very fast, powerful, very easy to use and available for free. This software has a lot of advanced features for downloading BitTorent and extends BitTorent technology itself to HTTP/FTP to accelerate the download process up to 10 times faster and even more.

The interface of this freeware resembles all torrent client software available on the internet. The features are in the left pane, above the control buttons, and the torrent menu for downloading is in the middle of the main window. Options such as stop, pause, cancel, update, and more are available with practical options.

One of the other advantages of this BitComet software is that this application allows the antivirus on each user’s PC or Laptop to scan for viruses every downloaded file. In addition, if you are reluctant to physically install this software onto your PC or computer, you can download only the portable version.

That way you can continue to use BitComet without burdening your computer’s memory or hard disk storage by physically installing software. If you’re one of those users who don’t want to see redundant toolbars on their desktop, you have nothing to fear. Because you can hide the status toolbar and other icons, so it doesn’t interfere with the view while using this application.
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Sistem OperasiWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Rating Software5/5 – (20 votes)
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