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FileZilla is a free Data Transfer (FTP) application that is used to move data/files from a local computer to a server/host.

FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP clients used by both professional and novice website developers. The main purpose of using Filezilla is to make it easier for you to upload and download files from the server or web hosting that you use.
You can also edit files and save changes without manual downloads and uploads.

For those of you who are just learning to create a blog or website, FileZilla’s main function is to help bloggers or web developers if they want to upload both small and large files to the website via FTP.

This FileZilla application supports Mac, Windows and Linux, which means you can use this software on 3 types of computer operating systems.

The program offers support for firewall and proxy connections as well as SSL and GSS Security. Additional features include automatic ascii/binary transfers and more. A program suitable for beginners and expert users such as webmaster admins.
For a blogger or admin of a website that has its own hosting, this one tool is widely used for the convenience of uploading files, editing html code and so on.

How to use Filezilla is very easy:
Enter the Host, Username, and Password that you have.
1.Host : Fill in with your domain (without www) or IP server
2.Username : Enter your cPanel username.
3.Password : Enter the password.
4.Port : Leave Port blank, to use the default port only

  1. Then click Quick Connect to enter your FTP access
    Wait until Status is successfull

The advantage of using Filezilla is that we can monitor the progress of file transfers and the speed at which they are moved, so that if a file is not transferred properly due to an interrupted internet connection, we can redo the file (no need for all files or one folder to be moved again).
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