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OpenIV GTA Mod is a multi-purpose game modding utility that is focused on several titles developed by the famous video game developer Rockstar Games. While this tool is often used by Gran Theft Auto V players to modify various gameplay aspects of the highly popular open-world action title without disturbing the underlying game source code, it can also be used to tweak games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Episodes from Liberty City.

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One of the core abilities of this game tweaking app is the ability to unlock full access to the game files. This means not only a directory browser where players can easily add new files (such as game mods) but also a built-in tool for opening DLL files and all other editable files. Its editing tool enables knowledgeable gamers to directly tweak the underlying files that control the running of the game, leading to dramatic changes in the gameplay experience. However, users should know that careless editing of core game files can also lead to an unresponsive game that won’t start, among many other possible issues.

Most players use OpenIV GTA Mod utility as a simple mod manager since it allows them a simple, fast and reliable way to browse the directories of their famous Rockstar titles. The managing of mods can be done in all games that this app supports, GTAV, GTA IV (and its expansions), Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption.

OpenIV GTA Mod is distributed online as an automated installer that requires an internet connection to download the additional (and most up-to-date) files in order to finish the installation procedure. Once fully installed, users can start its main dashboard and set up the locations to the base directories of their supported Rockstar titles.

Players who enjoy installing mods or tweaking the running of their games will undoubtedly find much value in installing this free app that grants full access to game directories, a built-in editor of DLL and INI files, across not only GTAV but also other games from Rockstar Games studio. However, the main dashboard of the app could be confusing at first to newcomers, and from time to time, the entire app can crash or become unresponsive.

OpenIV GTA Mod is 100% FREE and can easily run on all Windows PCs that can run games from studio Rockstar. The app is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS (windows 7 and newer).

Download OpenIV GTA Mod Latest Version

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