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WinToUSB is bootable software that can be used to help install the Windows Operating System via a USB or flash drive device.

When our Windows operating system has problems, or can’t run properly, there are times when we need very important data files to be opened immediately. However, our operating system (OS) does not allow us to do this because it is problematic, but by using the Win To USB application this problem can be resolved.

WinToUSB software is a program that we can use to install Windows on a USB flash or external hard drive as a backup windows operating system, and run Windows from that drive. We can use this feature as an operating system backup when our main operating system has a problem, so we can open important files as soon as possible without having to reinstall the operating system.

This application is very light and easy to use. When we use it, the program window displays simple instructions that help make it easier for us when installing Windows via an ISO file or Windows program CD / DVD. Once the operating system is installed on the USB drive, we can easily run or copy Windows from the ISO on the USB drive.

This software will automatically convert several files to be executed during the OS installation process using a USB. This method is another option, apart from using the DVD to carry out the Windows OS installation process and other operating systems.

WinToUSB supports USB flash drives and external hard drives. Another advantage of WinToUSB is that you don’t need to download and install Windows Automated Installation to use this tool. Moreover, it is fully compatible with MBR and GPT disk formats.

To install an operating system on a USB, you must have an ISO image of Windows or an installation DVD and, of course, a USB drive. It is recommended to use a drive with a minimum capacity of 16GB for the current operating system.
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