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CrystalDiskMark is a software used to test the performance of a hard drive or SSD in terms of read and write speed.

The main advantage of CrystalDiskMark is its super fast ability to detect hard drive properties in just seconds. This tool is able to detect the age of the hard drive or how long the hard drive has been used, detect the maximum rotation per minute, temperature or temperature of the hard drive, check the health status of the hard drive and others. In addition, this hard drive health checker tool is also able to display full hard drive attributes such as read error rate, uncorrectable sector count, write error rate, and many more.

SSD or Solid State Drive, is a piece of hardware or hardware on a computer, SSD is considered to have a faster speed compared to its predecessor, namely HDD or hard disk, for now the use of SSD is quite extensive, because SSD is very helpful in work such as video editing and application web server.

This application can be used on hard disk / SSD memory (Memory Speed ​​Test) and external memory such as external hard drives, flash drives (Flash disk speed test) and memory cards such as Micro SD (Micro SD Speed ​​Test).
The way the Crystal Disk Mark application works is almost the same as most Memory Benchmark software, which is to test read and write files on memory that will be tested repeatedly or 1 time (depending on the user).

File limits and file sizes to be tested can be determined by the user with a minimum limit of 1 trial and a minimum file size of 50MB, the testing stages can be selected either sequentially, random 512KB, random 4KB depth 1, random 4KB depth 32 and all tests ( benchmarks).
This application is designed to test the read and write performance of the hard disk. To do this, three separate tests were performed; read small files, large files read and write files. The final result is calculated as the average of the three sub-tests performed and the result is measured in MB/s.
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