Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a full-featured platform that can support document sharing, online meetings, and many other features that are very useful for communication in business.

With the spread of the corona virus (Covid 19), the government has appealed to people in Indonesia to reduce activities outside the home. One way is to implement a Work From Home (WFH) policy. Supporting applications are needed to maintain employee productivity & employees to keep in touch while working from home, Microsoft Teams is one of the solutions.

To facilitate communication and coordination as well as increase the productivity of performance and work from home activities between companies and employees and employees and fellow co-workers, applications such as video conferencing and media collaboration are needed to help connect with one another.

A feature that other video call applications don’t have is a file editing service, that way it’s easier for us to create files anywhere and anytime without having to bother opening other applications.

Users often complain about blurry video quality or signal constraints in various other video conferencing. Another advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it has an advantage in High Definition video quality, of course it really makes users comfortable when viewing it and clear audio quality makes it more comfortable when we use this application.

To create and join groups, go to the left menu and select Teams. Then on the bottom left you will find the option Join or create a team. You will also be presented with existing public groups that you can click on, or you can enter a code to join a private group with your members.

You can take advantage of the Video Conference feature which can be accessed through Microsoft Teams. Through this application, you can do live broadcasts for meetings on a large scale.

The presence of complete features in Microsoft Teams will help work teams to be more productive in achieving targets. Microsoft is committed to helping users and organizations succeed in many ways.

download for windows 11 64

download for windows 10 64 bit

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