Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes for PC

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is a collectible turn-based RPG game set in the amazing science fiction universe created by the film mastermind George Lucas. Originally released in late 2015, this title managed to capture worldwide attention by offering players to collect characters from not only major Star Wars™ movies, but also a wide array of side content such as video games (especially the currently running MMORPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series), novels, comics, TV shows, and other canonical works.

In addition to solo play, Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes for PC also supports the grouping of players into Guilds that have a limit of 50 players. Guild players can better organize for large Raid events or go into large-scale Territory Wars and Territory Battle events against other guilds. In addition to collecting heroes, the game also features a Ship battle mode with 23 ships from the large Star Wars universe, their captains, and iconic moves and weapons.

While Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes has not officially come to PC, desktop and laptop users can enjoy this title today via a modern Android emulator like BlueStacks. This way, PC gamers can enjoy not only the full android game on their monitor or TV but also have it been rendered in higher resolution, with perfect framerates and controlled with an input device of their choice.

Download Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes for PC Latest Version

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