What is interesting in Minecraft

The creators of the virtual world have solved many problems in Minecraft PE Users who have not tried hanging signs yet will appreciate these convenient items. And the camels will deliver the players to the right place in the world.

Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: meet camels in the desert, use new bookshelves, and try unique skins!


The authors of Minecraft have added chiseled bookshelves. Now players can place enchanted books in one place and take them at the right time.

A bamboo raft will delight those who like to travel on water. This new transport in Minecraft PE has paddles. Players will find a chest on board. The raft is an excellent way to explore the rivers and oceans of the virtual world.

Hanging signs let users place the information under a block and on its sides. Crafters can make these items using any wood.


Players can move around the virtual world of Minecraft on animals. In the deserts, you can find a camel and ride a mob with a friend.

Enemies will not be able to get Steve in battle because the desert animals are tall, which gives players an advantage against other mobs.


There are some new skins for players bored with Steve and Alex in Minecraft PE Users can be one of the additional characters. They have different hair colors and unique clothes.

Mob sounds

This new function will surprise Minecraft users. To hear new sounds, players should place the head of the chosen creature on a note block. It is possible to take the zombie head, creepers, skeletons, and other mobs.

Other changes

The developers solved some problems with pistons when players were stuck inside blocks.

Using a raft Minecraft PE, players can notice that the trivial joystick in the Classic control mode is removed. By the way, the new touch controls are on by default.

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