Who is call you? The phone number unknow

  1. WhatsApp

As? WhatsApp? That’s right, dear friend. Although it is true that WhatsApp will not tell you who is calling you in real time, it does allow you something great that few people take advantage of.

The trick is the following:

Go to your call list.
Add the phone that called you to your contact list and give it a provisional name of your choice, for example “Contact X”.
Open Whatsapp and sync your contacts.
Now search for the contact by the name you have given.
Look at his photo and you probably know who he is.


Now let’s see an application that is exclusively dedicated to providing you with real-time information about the number that is calling you, so that you can see who it is even if it is not in your contact list.

We are talking about TrueCaller, an App with many downloads and well known. Where do you get the information from? Well, from its private database, which will allow you to know the identities of the unknown or hidden numbers.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention Whoscall, an application very similar to the previous one that bases its operation on its private database to be able to tell you the identity of the number that is calling you.

This App has several advantages despite not being so well known: For example, that it can work without Internet or that it allows you to do extra features such as activating the call blocking of the numbers that you choose.

or you can use this website:

1. QuienMeLlama.com

2. ListaSpam.com

3. es.WhoCalledMe.net

4. Tellows.es

5. WhoCallsMe.com

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