Wise Disk Cleaner 11.0.6 Build 820

Wise Disk Cleaner is a very user friendly hard disk cleaning software that frees up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by the system on your laptop or computer.

When using a computer, we often don’t realize that every action we take, whether it’s opening an application, editing a file, or even just browsing the internet, will leave traces in the system. These traces can take up space on the hard disk and ultimately slow down computer performance. This is why it is very important to perform regular disk cleanup. However, performing cleaning manually can be time consuming and requires a fair amount of technical knowledge. The solution is to use disk cleaning software such as Wise Disk Cleaner.

Wise Disk Cleaner is a utility specifically designed to clean and optimize your laptop & computer storage. This program has powerful features to identify and delete unnecessary files, temporary files, junk files, and cache files that are no longer needed by your system. Wise Disk Cleaner can also clean dirty and unnecessary Windows registry.

A hard disk filled with unneeded junk files will take up disk space and potentially slow down your PC’s performance.
Usually unnecessary or junk files appear as a result of remaining uninstall programs, Temporary Internet Files, etc. Wise Disk Cleaner also has an easy-to-use interface and will help you to delete all junk files.

Wise Registry Cleaner software is software that functions as a utility system that can scan the Windows registry and can search for outdated and unused information or systems.
By regularly cleaning and optimizing your computer using Wise Disk Cleaner, you can improve your computer’s performance, save storage space, and extend the life of your hard disk.

After Wise Registry Cleaner analyzes the system there is a problem. You can see one by one each item that is found to be problematic and there is a detailed explanation about the problem. If you want to fix this problem, of course this software is equipped with a smart cleaner, so it can handle the problem automatically.

This freeware is a combination of a computer cleaning tool and a defragmenter. So, this tool is not only able to clean up unused files on your computer/laptop, but can also defrag your hard drive.

Features & Advantages of Wise Disk Cleaner:
– Fast and Easy
Using the latest advanced algorithms. It takes just a few seconds to scan your entire disk. What’s more, it is very easy to operate for beginners and pros.
– Complete Cleaner
Clean temporary files, download history, browsing history, form history, invalid shortcuts, traces, cache, cookies, passwords, Windows components and many other useless files.
– Advanced Cleaner
You can search for the files you want to delete by custom extension (For advanced users)
– Slimming System
Delete Windows items that are no longer needed, such as image samples, music samples, video samples, IME files, help files, downloaded installation files, basic installer cache and so on.

Wise Disk Cleaner is disk cleaning software that is very useful for improving the performance of your laptop & computer easily. This software is easy to use and has quite complete features to clean your hard disk effectively.
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