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Dropbox is a storage application and service that allows users to store and sync files online and between computers.

The system works like this, with this application we can save files that we have created before without having to carry them via flash. So every file that we store in Dropbox, the file will automatically spread to our computers/gadgets that use this application.

Want to send a file to a client but the size is 50MB? Just put it in the Public folder, then send the URL address of the file to the client. This program is a file sharing application that is very easy to use, because it is directly integrated with the Finder.

To share a folder, log in to the Dropbox website. Then you create a folder there, then the folder will automatically be on your computer that uses it too. Right-click the folder and there will be several options, select Shared folder options. Enter your friend’s email and once approved you are synchronized with your friends.

Pictures, videos, documents, applications, to programs are various kinds of data and information that you can store in Dropbox. When you transfer the data, Dropbox will then create and save the file to the cloud and backup the file for you. That way, you can freely access the data from wherever you are.

The software has a cross-platform client (Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android) that allows users to drop any file into a folder which is then synced to the web and other computers.

Dropbox is a cloud service that is quite popular and is used by many people, with the advantages that it is easy to use and cheap and can even be used for free with limited conditions. If you are used to using Windows File Explorer, it will be easier to understand and use this platform.

Users can also upload files manually via a web browser. A free account offers 2 GB of storage. Additional space of 8 GB of free storage is possible from referrals (by inviting friends to join the Service).
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