How to Record Video Secretly on Android

Playstore is an application store that is already available on Android phones. Which in the application store we can find various types of unique and interesting applications that we can download.

There are many unique applications on the Google PlayStore, not only able to help our activities in doing work. However, there are also applications that we may not have thought of before, one of which is a secret video recorder application.

Well, with this application you can take or record videos without having to be afraid of being caught. All recording processes are almost the same as regular video recording, the difference is that your cellphone screen turns off unlike recording.

Then how to record the video secretly? If you don’t know, you can follow each step that we will convey below.

How to Record Secret Videos Easily

To do this we will use the help of additional applications that we can download for free. Actually there are many applications that we can use, but on this occasion we will use the help of the following two applications:

Quick Video Recorde is an application developed by Kimcy929 with a fairly small size of 3MB. Quick Video Recorder has a feature that is quite unique, namely that we can record videos without having to open the application.

Here’s how to record without opening the app using Quick Video Recorder:

First download and install the Quick Video Recorder application.
After that, grant access permission by tapping Allow.
Because this application will run in the background, in this application there are several features such as setting the timer, date, duration of video capture and choice of back and front cameras.
To start recording video, you can press the red button/video recording symbol.
If you want to stop recording, you can press the red symbol to stop recording. Or you can also open the notification menu and press once on the Quick Video Recorder notification.
You can find the recording results in the File manager, in the Quick Video Recorder folder.

For the use of this application is almost the same as the previous application. Oh, before going into the method, you should first download and install the application.

    First, open the Background Video Recorder application.
    After that, the terms and conditions will appear. Please read first, if you have clicked the Accept button.
    Then, the app will ask for access permission. Grant access permission by tapping Allow.
    You can adjust several settings in this application, such as choosing which camera you will use, autofocus mode, preview mode and others.
    You can also create a recording schedule in the top right menu, with the Timer logo.
    To start recording, press the red recording button.
    After that you can exit the application and turn off the screen, so as not to be caught while taking or recording video.
    If you want to stop recording, you can click the Stop button under the Background Video Recorder application.
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