MPL ID S10 Results 27 August 2022: Evos Legends Kill RRQ Hoshi in El Clasico Leg 1

MPL ID S10 Results 27 August 2022: Evos Legends Kill RRQ Hoshi in El Clasico Leg 1
The most awaited match in MPL ID S10 today, August 27, 2022, which brings together Evos Legends vs RRQ Hoshi, is thrilling.

Strengthened by Vyn, Clayyy, Alberttt, R7, and Skylar, RRQ Hoshi is still untouched by the other teams in MPL ID this time.
During the three weeks MPL ID was held, Alberttt et al were still at the top of the standings by bagging wins in all matches.

Meanwhile, Evos Legends with members Pendragon, Sutsujin, Dreams, Tazz, and Clover have won 3 times and lost once.

Continuing to the match, the battle between the two teams was quite tough where Evos and RRQ chose to play it safe.

Both of them tried hard so that the players would not be picked off by the opponent, it was proven that only in the 5th minute there was a first kill for the Evos Legends team.

During the match, the bottom lane area was indeed a concern where the Dreams and Clover duo faced each other with Skylar and Vyn from RRQ Hoshi.

This important moment for the two teams who are at the top of the MPL ID S10 standings occurred during the turtel struggle.

Not wanting to go first by the opponent, the two of them fought each other while exchanging attacks.

However, RRQ Hoshi had to pay a heavy price after Alberttt was overthrown and the turtel was stolen by the players from Evos Legends.

Sutsujin et al also seem to have more control over the game, and are superior in terms of objectives.

In addition, the players from Evos Legends were also able to withstand the movements of Alberttt and other RRQ Hoshi players. However, R7 et al did not remain silent to see how they missed the objective.

Through the attack launched by Alberttt, the RRQ Hoshi team was able to defend and repulse the Evos Legends players with slick gameplay.

However, the White Tiger's superiority from the early game was unstoppable by RRQ Hoshi's players.

In the 10th minute, Dreams et al had dominated the game with an aggressive and very fast game.

Taking advantage of this momentum, Evos immediately pushed into the opponent's base.

The exchange of attacks between the two teams was fierce in the RRQ Hoshi base area, but Evos Legends proved to be superior in this first round.

In just 11 minutes, Evos had finished off RRQ Hoshi and won the first round.
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